Christine Morgan is a Licensed Massage Therapist (OR #24768)  and Physical Therapy Assistant (OR #9505) specializing in the pelvic floor.

I offer :
-pelvic floor physical therapy assistant services at Therapeutic Associates 

-pelvic health classes at Everyday People Yoga and Eugene YMCA

-pelvic health retreats 

-and pelvic bodywork sessions.

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Welcome to Quasar Center for Healing!

At Quasar, we believe that true healing is about more than just treating symptoms. It's about exploring the root causes of imbalance and embracing the wholeness of our being.

We are dedicated to helping you discover your inner resources, reclaim your innate wisdom, and cultivate a deeper connection to your body, mind, and spirit.

Our approach to healing is grounded in the celebration of the feminine, honoring the wisdom of the earth and the cycles of life. We believe that by listening to the intelligence of our bodies and the rhythms of nature, we can tap into our deepest sources of healing and transformation.